The Eco Difference
About Us

Here at Juniper Eco Salon, we want you to leave feeling beautiful, not fried.

We start with a complimentary essential oil scalp massage with each shampoo, cut, and blow dry. 

Getting your hair colored or highlighted? Great news: our products are organic, natural, and best of all, ammonia free. Our colors and lighteners are enriched with botanical nutrients and antioxidants. The colors use soy and coconut oils rather than chemicals to naturally seal in pigment resulting in shiny, healthy hair. Organic colors do not damage the hair’s cuticle, eliminating the risk of over processing, banding, and fading. 

The benefits of organic products go beyond your first visit. For many of us, we will color our hair more than once; and these repeat treatments can mean compound damage. The chemicals used in colors found in traditional salons can damage your hair’s cuticle, causing irreparable damage that will diminish its ability to “hold” color in the future. What does that mean exactly? The more you color your hair with ammonia based products, the less effective they will become. Greys will resist dye and your color will fade faster. Not to mention the frizzy, brittle texture resulting from over processing hair.

By eliminating these harmful ingredients, your hair will stay healthier even though repeated treatments. Get shiny, strong, gorgeous hair every time. With as many colors to choose from as traditional color, and an expert colorist, you won’t have to sacrifice style for your hair’s health. Get the perfect shade, the perfect style, without the damage.

 Clean. Pure. Beautiful: That’s the Eco Difference. Visit us today and discover the difference in using organic products for yourself.